Senior Canadian Championships

Training up to the Senior Canadian Championships, I had a great feeling. My training was on point. I was hitting my openers, and numbers even higher, with ease. I decided to move up a category from 69kg to the 75kg class because I was tired of cutting weight. I couldn’t stand starving myself for another minute; I needed all my strength and power for this particular meet. The big day, Mother...

The Struggle

Being an Olympic Weightlifter is not easy; trying to be successful at anything is never easy. I have never liked training. I have never liked the burning sensation of reps, having to push my body to its breaking point everyday, and going home exhausted, not having enough energy to even take a shower. I have never liked the soreness in my body the next morning following a particularly difficult...

Things Don’t Always Go As Planned

Usually I have to lose weight for my weigh-ins, but this time I actually had to gain weight for this year’s Junior Canadian Championships in Winnipeg for the 75kg weight class. As a strategic move, our team’s head coach decided to place me in that category the night before the competition (I’m usually a 69kg competitor and 75kg is the next class up). At that time, my weight was 69.5kg and the...

Being a Female Olympic Weightlifter

As a female lifter I have to take many things into consideration for competitions, like having your “monthly cycle” on the day of an important competition! Today I had the Ontario Junior Championships and it didn’t go as well as I would have liked. For the last few weeks I was having great training sessions and thought I had this competition in the bag. But I thought wrong! Days leading up to the...

Importance of leg strength

Front squatting 115kg/254lbs Maya demonstration the importance of leg strength for sport at the annual 2013 Offseason Kick Off for Laylor Performance Systems.

Heavy Training Day

17 year old Maya Laylor, the current weightlifting champion of Ontario, continues training and pushing herself past her limits as she prepares to compete for Canada in the upcoming PanAm games in Toronto, and in the 2016 Olympics.