Winter Lift

For this particular competition I did not worry or stress about the meet at all. My dad told me it’s not an important one, so I won’t have to lose weight to be in my 69kg weight class. I was happy about that because as you already know, losing weight is not my forte. So, I went on with my usual training, not stressing myself over competition matters. The night before I to a comedic movie at the theatre with my sister Kia and maybe sneaked a bit of popcorn to settle my cravings, lol. The morning of, I was relaxed, happy and well rested. As soon as I placed my polished fingers around the bar, magic started to take place and I was totally out of control! The last thing I knew, I had broken junior and senior records and almost hit a clean and jerk personal best that I never imagined would have occurred this soon in my weightlifting career.