My weight is forever up and down like the Behemoth roller coaster at Canada’s Wonderland. My problem is I love to eat….sweets especially. Close to competition I have to cut down my sugar intake because my body type is like a sponge, I gain weight at the drop of a hat. The nights are the WORST!!!! I have huge cravings that make me want to pull out my hair! I usually have a little taste of peanut butter just for the sugar.

One Sunday night, a week before my competition, my cravings were driving me insane. So I went to the corner store and bought 2 Reese’s bars, I had no guilt whatsoever. I ate those 2 chocolate bars in pure delight! My mom and my sister were trying their best to discourage me from eating them. They even tried to blackmail me and threatened to tell my coach. I told them that I would tell him myself. I needed that sugar!!!