I am creating t-shirts with the slogan “Unleash The Beast”. I love this saying, because when you first meet me you wouldn’t think I do what I do or how hard I train. In the gym I listen to loud, aggressive music in order to get me hype while training. People are very amused with me, by the way I train and the type of music I like because most of the time I’m generally quiet, polite and reserved. But, when I train, watch out because I “Unleash The Beast”! I can SO relate to this slogan because that really sums up the weightlifting Maya.
A year ago, I had been interviewed for a podcast by Quinnie Rwahwire, who is also a weightlifter, and what I most remember from that was what she told me. She said that she hadn’t expected me to be the way I am when she first met me at a competition. I had just finished lifting and she was surprised to see how quiet and reserved I was afterwards. Especially because of how beastly I was on the platform. Quinnie was shocked and was thinking “who is this girl”? I found it very interesting getting a view of myself from someone outside of my friends and family.
Despite how reserved I may be, whenever I step out onto that platform, my goal is to be the best that I can be. So whenever I step onto the platform, I “Unleash The Beast!”