Too Hot for Hell

How do you feel about saunas? Not sure, well let me tell you how I feel about them. Saunas are the worst creation invented by man. They are dangerously humid, extremely uncomfortable, and scathingly hot! I do not understand how people can go to saunas and “relax”. Believe me, I was far from relaxed. Both my father and my coach, Hani Kanama, had decided it would be a great idea for me to attend this torturing hole.

My coach forced my teammate and I to accompany him to the sauna because my weight was two to three kilos over my weight class and it was only a few days away from competition day. Meaning I didn’t have much time to make weight. I was expecting the sauna to have moderate humidity and heat, but I was not prepared for the nightmare that unfolded! During my two hour torture session, I could not help but wonder if my coach was the devil himself! After this hellish experience I promised myself that I would monitor every single morsel of food that I forced between my greedy gums and stay on top of my weight. I learned my lesson that day…oh BOY did I learn!