The Mental Game

Training today was a stressful day. It seems like my snatch technique is not developing as fast as I would like it to. My coach was on me about it this morning, which made it even more stressful. The weight felt heavier than usual and I wasn’t as sharp as I usually am. I felt well rested when I woke, but for some reason I am just off my game this week….I wonder what it might be. I am trying my hardest to get it right but I just can’t. My coach thinks I’m afraid to be aggressive from the hip, but I am not. I am not afraid of the weight; I am not a fearful type of person. I am very aggressive and hungry when it comes to my training. I want to win, I don’t just compete for fun. So, when I have an off training day or when my technique is not where it should be, it affects me greatly.