The Hill

I can’t stand walking long distances. Even when I’m at the mall, I find a seat every chance I get if my friend or family is taking too long in a store! Haha! I swear most of the time I feel like an old lady, which is what my sister calls me all the time.
Our gym LPS moved from the downtown location last year and it was way easier to get to by transit than the new spot; for me anyway. The new gym is set at the top of a hill, and the buses only stop near the bottom. It would take me about 15-20 minutes to walk it. I get tired just thinking about the walk. That walk was such a work out on its own, that by the time I reached the gym I’d have to rest in the change room before starting my session!
But thankfully, because of the new subway extension, they FINALLY changed the bus route. It now goes all the way up the hill and stops right in front of the gym! I was so ecstatic with the changes that I was jumping up and down and shouting with excitement on my way to the gym with my training partner, Justin. He was also happy, but I don’t think he was feeling as excited as I was.
For the whole day I was talking about this route change and wondered if others feel the same aversion to walking that I do.