She’s my Rock

My best friend and older sister, Kia, had taken a year off from weightlifting because she had badly injured her hip. She was told that she had to immediately stop lifting or risk developing further debilitating injury. I was devastated when I heard this, Kia is my rock, she is the person I go to and connect with on numerous levels about the highs and lows of the sport. I could not imagine not looking across the gym and seeing her face. There was a period of time when Kia had become a little depressed because she could not train, and I felt her pain. Whatever my sister feels, I feel, it hurt me greatly. Not being able to train with Kia was a very tough obstacle to overcome, but I had no choice but to continue to work toward my dream.

The Toronto Supershow in June 2013 was her last competition before her injury, and she went OFF! She was on fire! She got six for six lifts and had no misses! That was a very important day for her. The Supershow held this June was her debut. Kia had a chip on her shoulder and she came back with vengeance! Her aim was to make a successful 80kg clean and jerk and oh boy did she ever stick that lift! I was so happy watching my sister succeed. It felt like I had lifted, conquered and SMASHED that 80kg clean and jerk MYSELF!

I have missed the days we prepared for competitions together, picking out the outfits we’d wear on the big day, painting our nails and most importantly warming up in the back. But not anymore, Kia Laylor is BACK and ready for action!

My rock is back in the game. And now…there are two to watch out for…The Laylor Sisters.
Welcome back Kia.