Randomly Chosen

I was first drug tested at the Canadian Senior Weightlifting Championships in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It was an interesting experience. Right after I had won my gold medal in 75kg weight class, a woman approached me like I was being arrested. She stated, with a poker face and in a stern voice that I “was randomly chosen for drug testing”. Still frustrated, annoyed and dealing with the fact that I had just missed my last lift, the 109kg clean and jerk, I had no choice but to comply.

Having to follow her out of the competition and around the hotel (where it was being held) felt like I was being taken into custody. She eventually led me into a hotel room, very close to my own, where I met an older woman. She was a former nurse (I love nurses) who was more lively, warm and personable towards me (not like she was a police officer and I was a convict).

I had to go through a long process where I was asked to list the type of supplements and or medications I had been taking for the past five days. I was also asked to provide urine samples but because I did not have the urge to pee I had to drink 2-3 bottles of water. When the urge did come, I was asked to pee into two little plastic containers while the former nurse stood right in front of me, observing. This whole thing would have definitely been a humiliating experience if I had not seen two other athletes, also winners, being brought in for “processing.”