Ontario Junior team Selection and Current Rankings

The OWA Junior Team Bulletin #2 was just released, and currently I am ranked #1.

#1 163.725% of the standard – Maya Laylor, Toronto WLC – 69 kilo class – total 164 – Oct. 13, Ray Hamilton Classic

We are still in the process of selecting Ontario’s contingent to the 2013 Canadian Junior Weightlifting Championship. This tournament is being held on Saturday, January 19, at the University of Toronto in Mississauga.

It should be known that at the Canadian Juniors a provincial team can have 6 males (maximum) and 4 females (maximum). The competition format also states that a province may enter two teams of either gender. So, in years when we do not have to factor in high transportation costs (air fares), Ontario usually attempts to field two males and female squads (A and B).

Read the Full OWA Junior Team Bulletin #2.