Maya’s May 18/14 Canadian National Weightlifting Championships

Maya took home GOLD in the 2014 Canadian Weightlifting Championships

May Laylor brought home a gold medal from the Canadian Senior National Weightlifting Championships last weekend, May 18, 2014. The competition was held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan this year.

Maya also broke four records:

3 Ontario Junior records – Held since 2002 by Kara Yessie
Snatch – 86
Clean & Jerk – 106
Total – 192

1 Ontario Senior record – Held since 2011 by Kara Yessie
Clean & Jerk – 106

Maya completed all three of her lifts in the 75+kg weight class by starting with an 80kg snatch, advancing to 83kg and topping it off with a personal best of 86kg. During the clean & jerk session of the competition, Maya succeeded with a 100kg C&J followed by another good lift and new PB of 106kg! Her final lift, 109kg was not successful, but her total of 192kg earned her first place and a gold medal making Maya Canada’s number one lifter in the 75+kg weight class.