Maya Breaks Decades Old Records

maya-clance-championDaughter. Father. Olympic dream.

19-year old weightlifter Maya Laylor snatching 91 kg/ 200 lbs in this photo, breaking a 21-year old record of 87.5 kg / 193 lbs. Maya went 85 kg, 88kg, 91 kg in the snatch.

Then she went on to break the clean and jerk record of 107.5 kg/ 237 lbs with 110 kg/ 242 lbs.  She went 105 kg, 110kg and attempted 115kg / 253 lbs; she got the clean but missed the jerk.

Maya finished with a total of 201 kg/ 443 lbs to break her third record of the day.

TORONTO 2015 & Rio 2016 hopeful – More on Laylor: … #TeamCanada

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