Maya attempts to break the 21 year old Ontario Junior record

Junior weightlifter, 18 year old Maya Laylor gained top spot in the 69kg weight class division at the Ontario Senior Weightlifting Championship Saturday March 29th, making this her second straight win as the Ontario Senior Champion.

Maya’s first snatch, 80kg, her previous personal best, was a success.  She followed that with 83kg (182.6lb), her new personal best (PB) in competition, but missed the last lift, 85kg (187lb).  Despite this miss, Maya was on her game.  She was ready for the clean & jerk segment of the competition and emerged by nailing her first C&J at 100kg (220lb).  Feeling confident in her abilities, Maya’s coach, Hani Kanama, advanced her next lift to a jaw-dropping 105kg (231lb).  Not disappointing him, Maya rose to the occasion by completing the 105kg C&J, surpassing her previous PB of 101kg made just two months prior at the Canadian Junior Championship.  This earned her the gold medal. Encouraged, Maya and her coach went for the 21 year old Ontario Junior record and attempted 108kg (237.6lb) leaving everyone at the edge of their seat.  Maya was on a roll.  Calm, focused and determined, she approached the weight with confidence.  The audience watched with bated breath as Maya cleaned 108kg, they cheered and encouraged her as she moved on to jerk that weight above her head.  But alas, she lost her footing as she was attempting to complete the lift and the record slipped out of her grasp.  Not discouraged, Maya emerged with a grin; because she has tasted victory…and next time she will be successful!