Long Way Back

This past summer I took a two week family trip to Antigua and Barbuda, where my mom was born, for a reunion. I did not realize taking two weeks off training would affect me drastically. It has been such a struggle for me to get back to where I was before I left for my vacation. During my time off, I gorged on foods I usually avoid when I train….boy that was strike two! My diet consisted of gluten, gluten, and more gluten. I kept thinking to myself “this won’t affect my too badly, a little here a little there won’t hurt”….little did I know that I would have to suffer for 3 months to get back my training intensity and volume.

Until this experience, I did not realize how gluten intolerant I am. The first week back from my vacation, I could barely walk, and getting in and out of bed or the car was a joke. I had ACHES and PAIN galore!!! Every joint was inflamed; every movement I made was painful. My massage therapist told me that because my body is not accustomed to the huge amount of gluten intake and was holding on to it as a result. This has been a huge learning experience for me. I have promised myself I would never take more than a week off of training; and as for gluten, well let’s just say it’s the enemy.