Jeremy Choi


3 Things Weightlifting Has Forced Me To Learn About Myself

The 3 things that weightlifting has forced me to learn about myself is that I am a fighter, I love food and I am a role model. Number 1, In my 4 years of lifting I have realized that I am a fighter. When it comes down to the last minute, the last second, the last chance I raise to the occasion. I don’t just settle for okay, I fight to be the best. My fight or flight instincts kick in and its...

The Struggle

Being an Olympic Weightlifter is not easy; trying to be successful at anything is never easy. I have never liked training. I have never liked the burning sensation of reps, having to push my body to its breaking point everyday, and going home exhausted, not having enough energy to even take a shower. I have never liked the soreness in my body the next morning following a particularly difficult...

My Dad

I am very grateful for my father and the hard work he has invested in me. I definitely would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for him. He was the one who got me into this sport and found me a great weightlifting coach in Scarborough. He is always on top of things, concerned for my well-being. For example he always asks how I feel before and after training, what I am eating and if I am getting...

Who I am today

Weightlifting played a significantly huge role of who I am today. I am a smart, confident and proud young black woman.  Not too long ago I was a very shy and self-conscious person.  I am still shy, but not as painfully as before I started weightlifting.

What keeps me going

On the days when I feel exhausted and hopeless, I think back to my experience at the World Junior Championships. To see all of those elite athletes near flawless lifting, training twice a day with high intensities even when their bodies are aching, reminds me of what I am aiming for. I think to myself that to be like them, I just need to keep on pushing, just keep on grinding and NEVER STOP!

Recovery Habits

Having to train as much as I do is not a problem for me, but my recovery habit is the tough part. For example, having to remember to take my supplements on time daily, eating healthy and getting enough but not too much good carbs in my diet; like sweet potatoes, yams and green banana. Taking 45 minutes out of my busy schedule to take weekly Epsom salts baths and also getting chiropractic...