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THE BOND: Maya Laylor
Canadian weightlifter Maya Laylor shares a special relationship with her coach, who is also her father Clance.

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Canadian weightlifter Maya Laylor holds the youth, junior and senior provincial records in the 75kg weight class as well as the youth and junior records in the 69kg class. Maya Laylor finished 5th overall at the 2015 Junior World Championships in Poland. Maya is going to be talking to us about some of her recent accomplishments, her come up in the sport and her recovery process from an injury sustained at nationals.

Some Quick Updates

150kg / 331 lbs Back Squat at the 2015 Ontario Juniors. I broke two junior records and one senior record with a 92 kg snatch at the 2015 Ontario Juniors. Read more...

CBCTV: Maya Laylor Profile


Birthday Record at Variety Village Open

After returning from a 6th place, not so good performance at the IWF Junior Worlds Poland June 11th by her personal standards. Maya competed at the Variety Village Open on her birthday July 4th and breaks her clean & jerk record of 112kg/247lbs with 115kg/253lbs. She totalled 200kg and won the best lifter award for pound for pound strongest female. Happy Birthday Maya!

Jr World Championship in Wroclaw, Poland

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Maya Breaks Decades Old Records

maya-clance-championDaughter. Father. Olympic dream.

19-year old weightlifter Maya Laylor snatching 91 kg/ 200 lbs in this photo, breaking a 21-year old record of 87.5 kg / 193 lbs. Maya went 85 kg, 88kg, 91 kg in the snatch.

Then she went on to break the clean and jerk record of 107.5 kg/ 237 lbs with 110 kg/ 242 lbs.  She went 105 kg, 110kg and attempted 115kg / 253 lbs; she got the clean but missed the jerk.

Maya finished with a total of 201 kg/ 443 lbs to break her third record of the day.

TORONTO 2015 & Rio 2016 hopeful – More on Laylor: … #TeamCanada

With 16 days left, we’re 70% of the way there for her funding goals. If you can, please help Maya fuel her dreams by contributing at:

Winter Lift

For this particular competition I did not worry or stress about the meet at all. My dad told me it’s not an important one, so I won’t have to lose weight to be in my 69kg weight class. I was happy about that because as you already know, losing weight is not my forte. So, I went on with my usual training, not stressing myself over competition matters. The night before I to a comedic movie at the theatre with my sister Kia and maybe sneaked a bit of popcorn to settle my cravings, lol. The morning of, I was relaxed, happy and well rested. As soon as I placed my polished fingers around the bar, magic started to take place and I was totally out of control! The last thing I knew, I had broken junior and senior records and almost hit a clean and jerk personal best that I never imagined would have occurred this soon in my weightlifting career.

Teen weightlifter sets some lofty goals for herself

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Maya Laylor is a shy, soft-spoken teenager with a rather dainty handshake.

But once the weightlifter wraps her pink fingernails around a bar she can throw more weight above her head than NHL hockey players who would loom like giants beside her.  Read more...


Soon after the Winter Lift, I had received email after email from the Share newspaper which is Canada’s largest ethnic newspaper, The Toronto Star, and CBC news. They all wanted to interview me and hear about my story as a young and upcoming female Olympic weightlifter. The Ward and Al Show on SiriusXM Satellite Radio also contacted me and asked if I will be able to talk on their show this coming Thursday, February 26, 2015.

The Toronto Star came out with my story on the front cover of the sports section a day after our interview and CBC actually featured me in the 6 o’clock news, while the Share plastered my face on the cover of their paper! I have never received or expected so much publicity, and I never dreamed of it. But, I am truly grateful for all of the attention that has come my way and for all of the attention that has been brought to Olympic weightlifting in Ontario, and particularly from the female perspective.