Teen weightlifter sets some lofty goals for herself

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Maya Laylor is a shy, soft-spoken teenager with a rather dainty handshake.

But once the weightlifter wraps her pink fingernails around a bar she can throw more weight above her head than NHL hockey players who would loom like giants beside her.  Read more...

Wins 2015 Canadian Junior Championships in Winnipeg

It was a fun experience in Winnipeg at the 2015 Canadian Junior Championship.  I represented the Ontario team and was able to come home with the gold!

2014 Ontario Junior Champion

Maya Laylor wins 2014 Ontario Junior Championships with an 83kg (183lbs) Snatch and 106kg ( 233lbs )Clean and Jerk in the 69kg weight class.

2014 Fall Classic Champion


Maya Laylor wins the 2014 Fall Classic with a snatch of 82 kg and a Clean & Jerk of 105 kg.

Maya Laylor wins 2014 Ray Hamilton Classic in the 69kg Weight Class

My Experience in Russia

It was 2 weeks before one of the biggest and most important trips in my life to the Junior World Championships in Kazan, Russia. I was having numerous problems with my body, which prevented me from performing the Olympic lifts. I was trying extremely hard not to worry about it, not think about how my injury would affect my competition, which was very hard for me because I am a perfectionist.  As the week went on, my injury had worsened where I had this pain that was located in my right glute.  My piriformis muscle was strained and I had to rest it for a considerable amount of time, which was extreme for me, considering I had one of the most important competition of my LIFE just a week away! I was furious at the fact that I couldn’t even perform as much as a squat let alone lifting! My mind was racing from thoughts of whether I would be able to attend and lift at the World Juniors to my future in Olympic Weightlifting.

My competition in Kazan, Russia did not go as planned. I did poorly, my worst performance yet. I was so disappointed in myself, I did not want to step outside of the warm up area or show my face back home in Canada to all of my supporters. I felt so ashamed. But I had to face them, because even the great bomb out. I am a very proud person so I couldn’t cower down. I walked home with a smile on my face, not showing what I really felt inside, thinking “this is just a learning experience and I WILL do better next time. I know deep in my heart, I will do better next time, because Maya Celeste Laylor is not a quitter…. she is a CHAMPION!” That experience for me was very life changing. I feel like a better, more experienced athlete. Training alongside all of the best junior athletes in the world right there in the Kazan training hall made me more hungry, more determined and more relentless in my training.

Maya’s May 18/14 Canadian National Weightlifting Championships

Maya took home GOLD in the 2014 Canadian Weightlifting Championships

May Laylor brought home a gold medal from the Canadian Senior National Weightlifting Championships last weekend, May 18, 2014. The competition was held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan this year.

Maya also broke four records:

3 Ontario Junior records – Held since 2002 by Kara Yessie
Snatch – 86
Clean & Jerk – 106
Total – 192

1 Ontario Senior record – Held since 2011 by Kara Yessie
Clean & Jerk – 106

Maya completed all three of her lifts in the 75+kg weight class by starting with an 80kg snatch, advancing to 83kg and topping it off with a personal best of 86kg. During the clean & jerk session of the competition, Maya succeeded with a 100kg C&J followed by another good lift and new PB of 106kg! Her final lift, 109kg was not successful, but her total of 192kg earned her first place and a gold medal making Maya Canada’s number one lifter in the 75+kg weight class.

Maya wins 2014 Ontario Senior Weightlifting Championships.

Maya wins 2014 Ontario Senior Weightlifting Championships, here are the photos.


Maya Earns Her Spot on the Jr. Canadian Team

The 2014 Canadian Junior Championship (CJC) women’s 69kg class was a barn burner. Three time Canadian Junior Champion, Quebecois Kristel Ngarlem, who has been training in Olympic weightlifting since she was 11 years old, was challenged for the first time by the emerging lioness Ontario’s own Maya Laylor. Maya has only been training in competitive Olympic lifting for three years, since that time, she has become a three time Ontario Junior Champion and two time Ontario Senior Champion.

At the CJC, Maya was successful in completing her first snatch attempt at Read more...

Maya Laylor won the 2013 Ontario Junior Championships

On December 7th, Maya Laylor won the 2013 Ontario Junior Championships. She is now a three time Ontario Champion!

Maya performing 110kg (242 lbs) back squats for 4 sets of 3 immediately after winning her Gold medal! Maya can’t afford to miss a squat session, the legs feed the Wolf in weightlifting.

Maya discussing her performance with mom, sister and friends.