3 Things Weightlifting Has Forced Me To Learn About Myself


The 3 things that weightlifting has forced me to learn about myself is that I am a fighter, I love food and I am a role model.

Number 1, In my 4 years of lifting I have realized that I am a fighter. When it comes down to the last minute, the last second, the last chance I raise to the occasion. I don’t just settle for okay, I fight to be the best. My fight or flight instincts kick in and its ALWAYS fight. I am an extremely competitive person, I hate losing.

Number 2; There is no question that I live to eat not eat to live. I am always thinking about what my next meal is going to be while eating my current meal. I am not what you call a “fit chick”, I don’t count my calories, I don’t like vegetables (I eat them because I have too and going number 2 helps me lose weight), and I never look for a healthier alternative for example; diet soda, no added sugar, zero calories…. NEVER!

Last but certainly not least I have just currently come to realize I am a role model. At competitions people would approach my dad or me and say how I inspire and motivate them. One comment really stood out to me was a woman who walked up to my father watching lifters compete had said to him how much she and her son love watching me lift. My presence is so calm, elegant, confident and strong as I walk and present myself on the platform before I lift. Her words sound as if she is mesmerized by my grace. People from all over the world comment how they love how I carry myself, my positive attitude and my hard work ethic. I am truly touched by all of the positive feed back sent my way, all I can say is thank you. I have come to learn a lot about myself both positive and negative and I am sure I will learn a lot more in my up coming lifting years.

Some Quick Updates

150kg / 331 lbs Back Squat at the 2015 Ontario Juniors. I broke two junior records and one senior record with a 92 kg snatch at the 2015 Ontario Juniors. Read more...

The Hookgrip Spartakiad Competition

I was super excited to compete at the Hookgrip Spartakiad competition in Philadelphia on October 4. It’s always fun and exciting to travel out of the country to compete. My family and I were having a good time shopping and passing time waiting for the big day. The morning of, I woke up feeling awful! I was puking, experiencing diarrhea, excruciating abdominal pain and cold sweats. I had no idea what was going on! Turned out I had FOOD POISONING! It was so bad my mom considered taking me to the hospital, I was almost certain that I would not be competing that evening based on how I looked and was feeling. Couple of hours later I was feeling a lot better, I had taken pain relieve pills my mother had given me. A few more bouts of vomiting, the runs and abdominal pain I was able to sleep, thanks to the all the TLC my mother had given me. I was able to compete that evening no question.

Hours before the competition, I was very anxious about how I’d perform, considering how sick I was. I was planning to open with a lot higher numbers but seeing how the morning went, I had no option but to lower my attempts. In the middle of the session when the snatches were over, my sister Kia ran up to me excited and said “MAYA!!! You came second in the snatch!!!” I was so shocked and thrilled, that that was all I was thinking about from then on. Turns out I placed 3rd in the clean and jerk, 2nd in the snatch, and 2nd overall. So in total I was awarded three Hookgrip metals. This experience helped me learn a lot about myself and how far I can push mentally and physically. I am very proud of my performance after battling a debilitating bout of food poisoning that very morning.

CBCTV: Maya Laylor Profile


Birthday Record at Variety Village Open

After returning from a 6th place, not so good performance at the IWF Junior Worlds Poland June 11th by her personal standards. Maya competed at the Variety Village Open on her birthday July 4th and breaks her clean & jerk record of 112kg/247lbs with 115kg/253lbs. She totalled 200kg and won the best lifter award for pound for pound strongest female. Happy Birthday Maya!

Jr World Championship in Wroclaw, Poland

Thank you to François Dagenais for this video.

Maya Competes at the World Junior Championships in Wroclaw, Poland

“Congratulations goes out to our very own Maya Laylor who stepped up to the platform alongside the world’s most elite junior competitors last week in Warsaw, Poland. Maya battled hard and swooped into 6th place with a snatch of 85 kg (187 lbs), a clean and jerk of 107 kg (236 lbs) and a total score of 192 kg (423 lbs). Great work, Maya!” – Laylor Performance Systems

A Talk About Pan Am 2015

Maya did a talk at the Cameron Public School about the Pan Am Games, inspiring the next generation of athletes.

Maya Breaks Decades Old Records

maya-clance-championDaughter. Father. Olympic dream.

19-year old weightlifter Maya Laylor snatching 91 kg/ 200 lbs in this photo, breaking a 21-year old record of 87.5 kg / 193 lbs. Maya went 85 kg, 88kg, 91 kg in the snatch.

Then she went on to break the clean and jerk record of 107.5 kg/ 237 lbs with 110 kg/ 242 lbs.  She went 105 kg, 110kg and attempted 115kg / 253 lbs; she got the clean but missed the jerk.

Maya finished with a total of 201 kg/ 443 lbs to break her third record of the day.

TORONTO 2015 & Rio 2016 hopeful – More on Laylor: … #TeamCanada

With 16 days left, we’re 70% of the way there for her funding goals. If you can, please help Maya fuel her dreams by contributing at:

Winter Lift

For this particular competition I did not worry or stress about the meet at all. My dad told me it’s not an important one, so I won’t have to lose weight to be in my 69kg weight class. I was happy about that because as you already know, losing weight is not my forte. So, I went on with my usual training, not stressing myself over competition matters. The night before I to a comedic movie at the theatre with my sister Kia and maybe sneaked a bit of popcorn to settle my cravings, lol. The morning of, I was relaxed, happy and well rested. As soon as I placed my polished fingers around the bar, magic started to take place and I was totally out of control! The last thing I knew, I had broken junior and senior records and almost hit a clean and jerk personal best that I never imagined would have occurred this soon in my weightlifting career.